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from a few fans

"This is no fly-by-night operation.
It's been around since 1988." 
—Amelia Earhart
"O thou didst build my website— my dream
No bloody, cookie-cutter wordpress theme!
Simple, classic—my business did fly
And on google ranked exceedingly high.."
—W. Shakespeare
"Yellowbird is creative and a blast to work with!" 
“Consider the [yellow] birds of the air..”
"I crossed the road to work with Yellowbird."
—The Chicken
"It’s a bird.. or is it a plane? It’s Yellowbird if you want to soar above the rest."
"Yellowbird's work is relatively good."
—Albert Einstein
"You're the best!"
"As I always say, you’re the best!"
"Thank heaven for Tamara Lester!  
Your biggest fan"
"Thank you so much for the quick turnaround!"
"Awesome!! Print!!"
"Many thanks for your help and counsel! It's been a good year and your assistance has been critical."
"It looks amazing! I love the color and the font! "
"Thanks for the recipes!"
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